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Enhance Your Home's Design With Simplified Home Renovation
There are simple projects that can be done to a home in order to enhance its overall design, visual aesthetic and functionality. It is possible to increase your home's value beyond what you put into it by opting for cost-efficient home renovations. Whether you want to completely redesign the layout of your home, add a second story or expand your living space with a home addition, Modular can help you come up with the best design for you.

Modular specializes in providing updated and modern interior designs for any type of home. If you want to alter the location of your kitchen, expand your living room or add an original eye-catching staircase, we can complete your project with outstanding professionalism. We provide our clients with a variety of options for any ground-level redesign project they may have.
The entire process starts by consulting with our customers to find out what you have in mind and to determine your budget. We proceed to provide a detailed and accurate estimate and to work with you to achieve a design plan that is cost-friendly and reflects exactly how you want your new home to look.
Part of the planning stage involves having you come and select the interior finishes that you want from our showroom. This is necessary as many paints, carpeting and flooring can vary in price. By having you select what finishes you want beforehand, we can accurately predetermine the entire cost of your home renovation, and prevent any surprise costs down the line. We will then proceed to draw up the preliminary sketches, make necessary adjustments and get to work on restructuring the layout of your home.
We begin by demolishing and disposing of unnecessary walls and other materials. Where necessary, we will refinish the exterior walls and insert or reinsert all new or existing doors and windows. Our contractors will then work on interior framing and drywall. Modular adds further convenience to your redesign process as our company can take care of all the mechanical works such as heating, plumbing and electrical. This fact alone can reduce the headaches of renovating, as it is very difficult to find reliable mechanical contractors who will time their work perfectly with the construction of your renovations. People are often left with half finished projects as it can be difficult to coordinate the schedules of different contractors.
Beyond the mechanical aspects, Modular also will complete your entire project by installing the flooring you selected before the project started, and painting and decorating. Our flooring selections consist of carpet, hardwood and ceramics so we can finish any project in any room of the home.
Modular aims to make your renovation project as stress free as possible. From your initial design, our professional team will work with you right to the end to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
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